Jeremiah Inn Bed and Breakfast, Ltd.
10921 East Snyder Road
Tucson, AZ, 85749
(520) 749-3072 / 888-750-3072 (Toll-Free)

Kid Friendly Accommodations

  • Pool

Yes, your well behaved children are welcome at Jeremiah Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Children ages 6 or younger stay free, even if they occupy a twin bed, a rollaway or portacrib in any room. Children 7 or older are $20./nt additional.

Our game and toy closet, children's library, and stuffed coyote, mountain lion, bear and quail welcome your well behaved little guests. Your room will NOT share any walls with another guest room, so you may relax, too! Just as we accommodate adult dietary requests, we also serve chocolate milk, pancakes with ears, cereals or foods that don't touch each other. Try us!